Cancellation, Returns, Shipping Policy

Order Cancellation Policy: When you place an order, and the invoice has been emailed that is a binding contract between you the client, and me the vendor for services to be provided and paid for. If you need to cancel your it needs to be done prior to my starting your design work. I generally do not start working the days digitizing orders until after 5 pm central time. If you cancel before 5 pm on the day you place your order, you will receive a 100% refund or a credit on your account. If I have started your order the amount of refund will be the fee minus the prorated of 1/25 of your fee for every 15 minutes I have worked the file.   I understand that your customers will, on occasion change their minds about an order. Please remember I have made this contract with you, not your customer. I use a flat fee rate to make it possible for you to know and collect the digitizing fee in advance. I strongly suggest you make this a policy in your business to reduce any out-of-pocket losses for this reason.

Refund Policy: For refunds due to a digitizing order cancellation please refer to the above-noted Order Cancellation Policy. All other refunds are addressed here. The product you are purchasing is either an electronically downloaded data file or a custom-made physical product.

No refund will be provided unless specifically discussed and approved by Quick 2 Stitch.


Shipping Policy: Embroidery Machine Files created by special order to the client will be sent to the client by email.   Stock Embroidery Machine Files are available to download upon processing of the payment. Custom-made physical products will be mailed to the address provided. It is very important that you provide the correct address. An item not delivered or not received by the customer will not be refunded if the address provided was incorrect unless it can be proven that Quick 2 Stitch was in error. Tracking information will be provided for all packages to be shipped unless it is an item small enough to travel by first class envelope. A tracking number will only be provided if the buyer/customer pays and up charge to cover that expense.    All physical products are shipped at the seller’s expense unless agreed upon by the buyer and the seller.


Privacy Policy: I make every effort to secure and store any personal information that is collected during an order. Also, rest assured that I can not access your payment information – using a payment processing service such as PayPal protects your bank and credit card information. The website host service provides SSL protection for this website. Your data is safe. And finally, I hate unsolicited emails as much as the next person. I will not, ever, sell or provide your email address to anyone without your express permission. In all of my years no company has ever asked for my email list and should they make such a request the answer is and will always be – NO.