Coffee & Conversation

Eps. 19 Wanna Build a Website?  Let's get started - it's all in the planning and understanding of what you want from your website.   Let's talk about it!

Eps. 18 Part 2 of our Freestanding Lace Adventure.

Eps. 17 Do you ever wonder what makes Freestanding Lace, freestanding? This is part one of two.  Be sure to look for the last half of this FSL Tutorial!

Join us as we explore this year's trend in faceless portraits - digitizing! I'll show you how to determine what lines could stay and what lines should go. And we will digitize our portrait!

15 Weeks till Christmas - What are you placing out there to go under the tree? What is your plan? What new gift-type products are you planning to offer? How are you going to get the word out? 

The holidays are fast approaching - Family, Friends, Crafts, Business - What are you going to do to make sure you can do it all?


What is your start-up story? Join me and Guest to hear ours. Please #C&C in the comment for those watching this episode for the first time And #C&CSecondCup if you've come back to this episode for more! This will help me track those subjects that might need a second broadcast. Thank you everyone for being here!

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