19th Sep 2022

I need more density! My fabric is showing through! 

Let me assure you – more density is not the answer. When you add density, you are adding more stitches which means more needle punctures which means more opportunities for more fabric to show through. So, what do you do when your fabric shows through your stitching? 

First, you need to understand why it is happening. Your fabric will show through when you are using extreme contrast – for example, black thread over white fabric. When you make a stitch you first punch a hole with a needle and it catches the bobbin thread, there is then a slight jump to lay a bit of thread over the fabric and the stitch finishes with another hole punched to catch another bit of bobbin thread, and this second stitch is the start of the next stitch. The area of the fabric under the thread and between stitches is still visible. And even more visible when there is a contrast between the colors.

So how do you prevent this? You place a color barrier between the two layers, the fabric and thread. Now what do you use for a color barrier? I have a few suggestions. It’s what I do. 

There are two products found on the internet designed just for this purpose. Web search “Permanent Topping Stabilizer/Cover Up” and you will find several links to sites that carry products that create a color barrier. Personally, I think $10 for 8 sheets of 6”x24” plastic is a bit much. There are others but again, they are all more then I really want to pay for. Two years ago, I did order a product that came with assorted colors, many of which I still have because I had no need for them. The two colors I did use, black and white, I was not happy with my finished results.   It did a great job of blocking the fabric color from showing through the stitching, but it did not tear away cleanly. And of course, you don’t want to have to spend time picking away plastic residue or having that plastic sheeting pull at your stitches when you are trying to clean the stitch area. So, I started searching for other options and I found it. It blocks the fabric color from showing through the stitching, it tears away very cleanly and it’s permanent- it will not wash out and leaving a less then optimal embroidery design. The really great thing is that it too, comes in assorted colors. I still find that Black and White are my primary go to’s colors of need. I get 40.5 square feet in a package which will last a long long time. It tears away so cleanly without tugging at the stitches, when you are done you’ll never know it was there. I get all of this for a mere $1. Yep, that’s right! One little dollar, plus any tax Uncle Sam might want. And I find this bargain at my local Dollar Tree/Dollar Store. It’s a disposable plastic table cover. How simple is that. Next time you are there, pick up a table cover and give it a try yourself. I think you’ll be impressed with the results. Can you tell which area is stitched with a color barrier and which is not? Yep.. it’s just that good!