Pricing your Embroidery Jobs

Posted by Ramona McKee on 24th Oct 2022

Pricing is one of those functions that everyone coming into the garment decorating industry struggles with. In embroidery you’ve heard the $1 per 1000 stitches – but how does that help you with a stitch out that is only 5000 stitches, but the project takes you an hour from start to finish? Would you be happy with making $5 for that hour minus the expenses?

So, what do you do? You do the math. We’ll start with general supplies - 

Stabilizer? - I like using precut cutaway – 1 7.5x7.5 sheet is .14

Needles? 75/11 sharps all the way -- .19 each

Thread? 40wt Polyester -- .00324 per meter

Note: A 1000-meter cone of standard 40wt thread using a standard 4mm stitch length will give you about 200,000 stitches.

So basic supplies are under $1.00 for a 4x4 standard left chest-sized logo. And I can use that calculation to estimate the supplies for larger projects. $2 for an 8x8, $4 for a 16x16, and so on. 

But what about the overhead expenses – the cost of the electricity used, and the general maintenance of the equipment? These expenses are a bit harder to estimate – and it can be done, and many do figure it out – but my math skills only go so far before it blasts through my head! So, I use the same dollar value I calculated for the supplies. $1 for a 4x4 left chest design. That makes the general 4x4 design file $2 now. 

And not one mention of stitch count.